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The Day my internet went out

Last night I had just gotten off of a marathon phone call (2+ hours) with my sister when I realized that my internet was out.
I should be clear.  I hadn't planned on doing anything online.  Yesterday was a long day (I used my hedge trimmers on all of my bushes.  So instead of looking wild and crazy they look really good! - if I do say so myself.)  After getting off the phone, my plans included doing a little yoga to stretch out some soreness from the aforementioned bush trimming, soaking in a bubble bath until I was pruney, painting my nails (crimson on my toes and a light pink on my fingers), and then cuddling up with a book until it was time for bed.  

I didn't have a single plan that included using the internet.  But realizing that I didn't have online access (I mean, I had my phone but that's not the same thing - at least in my mind at this time) made me nuts.  I kept thinking, "Oh no!  Now I can't look up random facts online!  What if I need to go onto TMZ to read up on the latest celebrity gossip?  My night is ruined since I can't go onto Youtube and watch funny animal videos."  (Once again, I totally and conveniently forgot about my cell phone.)  

Using said cell phone, I accessed my provider's website and they said that my area and several areas around me were experiencing an outage.  They now have this nifty thing where you can put in your phone number and they'll text you when everything is fixed.  So, I did that and I waited and waited and waited.  

My internet didn't come back up until early this afternoon.  And the thing is I got crap sleep last night because I kept waiting for that text to tell me my internet should be working so I could finally go to sleep.  

I mean, how nuts is that??!!!  That makes absolutely no sense.  If I just went to sleep, I wouldn't have had a need for the internet and I wouldn't have had to worry about when it was going to be fixed.  

I swear sometimes my nuttiness baffles even me.  

7:56 p.m. - 2020-05-31


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